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We take on very hands on approach to mentoring our Team and the Project. We are intimately involved on a daily basis, making sure that systems, both administrative and practical, are put into place and sustained and that there is open communication between ourselves and the team. The Team is encouraged to take ownership of the project and to use their initiative in developing further income opportunities, as we try to support; financially, emotionally and spiritually, their growth and commitment to this process.

For years we have taken in Disadvantaged Young adults, most are orphans and from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a very low skills base but who have both been able to turn their lives around through their participation in our program. All income gets plowed back into salaries, development & outreach work. We also assist with medical support, housing and child support to the ladies who work for us, offering a safe place, at our facility, before school going age and financially supporting them as their children go off to crèche. Our Team has evolved over the years as some have outgrown our project and gone on to achieve greater things We feel very blessed with our Current Team, who are all very hard working, sincere young adults who love the Lord and are a shining examples to the community and their peers.



Nigel Reynolds, himself had to overcome huge obstacles, when his parents were murdered in SA in 1994 during major political upheaval. Nigel made the decision not to be embittered but to turn things around by walking in forgiveness and serving those in need, especially youth at risk, using sports as a vehicle for change.

Nigel, a former South African and Australian World Champion and Multisport Athlete in Triathlon & Cycling, with over 20 years experience in International Sports Management and Outreach Work, has dedicated the last 20 years to helping the underprivileged in South Africa and now in Namibia.

“I love to see smiles on the children’s faces, it is so humbling to see what a big difference, so little can make. It breaks my heart to know the challenges that these people face very day and how difficult it is to make right decisions. I know that sports is a tool that can take the underprivileged and marginalized out of their normal broken lives and give them something positive to focus on and to create the momentum for a positive cycle of change in their lives.”


Taryn Reynolds (Rose-Innes), met Nigel in 2003, and together they have combined their, God inspired, love for helping the “under dog” and their love for sport in what has become a passion and ministry to those in need. Taryn has a Business Degree and is also qualified in Graphic design as well as an avid artist and interior decorator.

“The Lord has given me a growing insight and heart to know that every person He sends to our project, is a life that we can take under our wings and nurture as part of our own family. I love seeing how God can creatively meet people’s needs through our projects in such a personal and practical way. It gives my life renewed purpose every day.”

I love seeing how God can creatively meet people’s needs through our projects in such a personal and practical way.



Melissa is a single mother of Angelo, and fosters her sisters two boys, Jakob and Mario. Melissa is passionate about God and working with youth. She manages the Bicycle Empowerment Centre, managing sales of bicycles and bicycle parts and the administration of our local bicycle mechanical business, as well as overseeing our BMX program. Melissa is also very involved in her Church, serving in child ministry, community evangelism and worship ministry. Our project sponsors Melissa’s son and two nephews to go to the Local musical school in the afternoons and we have built a home for her and the boys.

“I would love to share with everyone how my life has changed after I joined the Multisport Africa Team. God placed an open door for me and it has changed my life a lot. We are given a lot of freedom and encouraged to try new ideas and my faith has grown so much. I work with wonderful mentors and co-workers that also love Jesus and we stand together to reach more people through this outreach program. My hearts cry is to see many to draw near to Christ and have strong faith in his truth and to remain his examples.”



Edward is an orphan having lost his mother to violence when he was still a baby and then losing his father at 15. Edward loved his bicycle as a child and taught himself at a young age to fix his own little bicycle – this was his therapy. Edward is our very talented in-house mechanic for all donated bicycles we receive and he runs a bicycle mechanic business to the local community from our BEC. We have supplied Edward with all the necessary tools that he needs, as well as incorporating the selling of bicycle parts to aid his business. Melissa, our BEC Manager, helps Edward with the administration side of his business. Edward is the assistant coach to Melissa when we run our BMX project as well as any sports events that we hold.

“Working here has helped me a lot with the ups and downs I experience in my life. I love being able to fellowship with nice people, who love God, and being able to inspire others, especially all the children who come here.”



Lucas is our assistant mechanic, helping Edward with the overflow of bicycle mechanic work and also assisting with other projects.

“I am very happy working here. The informal settlement where I live can get very boring and this project gives me a place to come every day and gives me a purpose. Melissa has taught me the word of God and I have learnt new skills to fix bicycles that helps me earn a living.”

project gives me purpose"



Anton is our new assistant mechanic, helping Edward with the overflow of bicycle mechanic work as the BEc shop has gotten busier. Anton was struggling to earn a living on his own and has been able to make a nice living since working at the shop.

“I am so grateful for having this opportunity from Mr Nigel to be involved in this project. I thank all the people oversees who are thoughtful and care about people like us who live so far away. I love the team work. I feel exited about my future here.”

"I feel excited about my future."



Izak is our new assistant at the shop, and comes every day to help wherever he can. Izak is a father of two girls and a recovering drug addict and has been faithfully coming to help at the store. Izak is a very talented barber/hair dresser and we are in the process of building him a small barber shop as well as buying him the “tools of the trade”.

“This place has helped me heal and recover, the peace and love that I experience here from the team and our mentors has helped me think clearly about my life and it has helped rehabilitate me. I love the good company, of people who love God, that I find here”

"It has rehabilitated me"



Krispen worked for us since January 2014. Krispen has two daughters. Krispen helps our program in all areas, filling in where he is needed. Our project has financed and helped Krispen get his drivers licence and we are also currently assisting his mother with her dietary guidance and needs for diabetes. With the help and confidence he gained at our project, as of 2020, Krispen is now running his own shop from home.

“I have been with Multisport for many years and deeply thank my mentors, for their time and loving care to me. I have learned so many new life skills and have been able to travel to different places and take part in sports events and see so many things. I feel privileged that I have been able to Grow and become a responsible man who can work & support my family. I like being able to help others and make a difference. God bless.”



Mewerly used to work as our BEC Manager and then left to join her husband as a missionary and Pastor in a local village in Namibia, a few hours away from Tsumeb. Mewerly joined us when she had just had her first baby girl and was pregnant with her son. We were able to offer Mewerly a safe place to look after her toddler while earning a salary in her second pregnancy. Her time with us gave her an opportunity to boost her confidence and find some security. Mewerly introduced Mellissa (our current Manager) to us as they both served at the same church. We are still in touch with Mewerly and have assisted in donating some necessities for their new church.

“being part of this outreach team has come to help me and my family greatly. They gave me a job that has helped me learn to see people more from God’s eye, to help the needy and make things possible for the community by selling cheap bicycles and donating to those that are unable to buy. The project has helped and inspired us to start small businesses of our own on the premises and we can get extra finances. We are also privileged enough to come to work with our kids, where they have their own play area and I am able to take care of them myself and tend to their needs. The project is a great help to the whole community. I am humbled and I thank all those involved in making the project possible, from those who donate the bicycles, to the Multisport Team, to the clients and our Mentors and this will not be possible with out Gods help”